just the beginning


Welcome to my blog! Here I will be posting about all the sweet good things God has done and continues to do. Do know that these posts are vulnerable as ever and I truly am writing to continue testifying to His immeasurable faithfulness. So here are the words that well within my soul! & know sweet friends…this is only just the beginning!

October twenty-second I boarded a bus headed to the Boston airport. Within the next two days I would be traveling to the Philippines. As I hugged my Mom goodbye with tears in my eyes fear quickly set in. I’d never traveled outside of the country alone, and here I was about to travel halfway across the world. As I sat on the bus I faced fear of the unknown. I was so scared about being by myself that I almost tricked myself into thinking it’d be best if I just went back home. I’d arrive at the airport and then call my Mom to come pick me back up. Everything would be fine – I’d go back to working daily and enroll in college. Life would be normal. Yet a deep burning desire in my heart for Jesus reminded me that He didn’t ask me to do normal life. He asked me to follow Him and sometimes following Him means leaving behind everything familiar. So over the next few hours of the bus ride I spoke to Jesus asking for nothing but peace. I told him everything going on inside of my head, laid my fears at His feet. Even cried and shook with nervousness. After many deep breaths I began to feel peace indescribable and excitement welling within my soul over traveling alongside Papa.

I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with Jesus – but here I am. Filled to the absolute brim with joy over such an intentional, just, loving God. I also never thought I would find the Philippines to be a country where my heart would long to be forever – but here I am. Longing to be back in the land of the Philippines with my new dear loved ones. I was quick to fall in love with the greenery of everything, the crowded dusty streets with children on every corner, the hustle and bustle of ridiculous traffic, and most importantly the people who live in this country. It seemed every face I saw met me with the biggest smile and I saw Jesus.

I spent less than two months in this country it simply wasn’t enough but at the same time was more than I could have ever asked for. As each day passed I met someone new and continued to build relationships with others in the community. I firmly believe and know in my heart I only scratched the surface of what God has in store for my relationship with these new brothers and sisters in Christ. As I lived in this community God continued to give me the words, “revival in the streets” and man did that stir my heart big time! I’m feeling so overwhelmed with being back here in the states. God spoke to me about what home really is. He told me, “kate home with me” and those words are forever engraved on my heart. No matter where my feet go, no matter what country I’m in Papa Jesus is my home. I will always have a seat at the table – for my citizenship is in Heaven with the Most High King. This time here on earth is only temporary and we live in the tension of longing for His Kingdom come but tasting bits of Heaven on earth.

I loved like I’ve never loved before. I sat on the streets with children climbing all over me drenched in sweat and felt joy like none ever before. I prayed over Mothers who were giving birth to their child, and I caught newborn babies. I watched a child take its first breath. The breath of life that only He gives. I rode on the back of a motorcycle flying through streets of the Philippines laughing beside some of my best friends. I gazed at the skyline of Manila and thanked Him for all His creation. I danced and sang karaoke with strangers in the streets. I wept countless times over trying to wrap my head around poverty. I worshipped Jesus with more than just singing and dancing. I fervently prayed over the Philippines with a passion I never new could exist inside me and was completely drenched from head to toe in the Holy Spirit. I did so much more than I could ever write. I continue to fall deeper in love with Jesus every day.

I’ll be posting more detailed stories soon so be on the lookout. In the meantime go love your neighbor sweet ones! Until next time.



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