to my zurrender bros


To my Zurrender bros,

Thank you for loving me and protecting me so well. Each of you taught me something about Jesus’ heart. Whether it was the way you’d so graciously show hospitality without thinking twice, or by encouraging me with words. I never imagined I would become best friends with each of you but man I did. Language is a funny thing. I was blown away at how much English you all knew. Totally embarrassed my Tagalog isn’t nearly as good but I’m learning! It was the coolest thing to be so close in age, to see how God intentionally crossed our paths.

I remember one of the first nights I was in the Philippines, I was leaving the clinic after a birth, bible in hand, making my way back to the house when a few of you stopped me to chat. Suddenly I was sitting on the street sharing my testimony with a bunch of you unsure of what your reactions might be. It was one of the coolest moments ever because we learned very quickly we had much in common. We realized how sin had been so easy to fall into and we all sat that night amazed at His insane grace. Amazed that despite our sin being so great, His love was greater, is greater, will always be greater because love has won! There were a few of you kind of skeptical about the existence of God. So we talked about it, shared our sides. I didn’t really have too much to say other than well I wouldn’t be sitting here halfway across the globe from everything I’ve ever known if it wasn’t for God & all His goodness!

 [ Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. – 1 Peter 4:8 ]

As the days went on we all spent so much time together. Playing pick up with you guys was the best thing everrrr! Made my heart jump for joy and I can’t thank each of you enough for being my hype men when I’d make a somewhat decent play. Sweet story time! One night Syd, Cae & I left to go grab something to eat at McDonald’s because we missed dinner time (oops). We invited Tyron and Alvin to come with but they said nah so we said “ok we’ll be back in a bit!” After a quick trike ride we walked into McDonalds and were greeted with the biggest smiles and cheeriest surprise from Tyron & Alvin. We just about died laughing as the boys beat us to McDonalds by taking their own moto (they definitely violated a few traffic laws to get there before us but it’s cool). It’s forever one of the sweetest/funniest memories! That night we shared burgers, fries and the love of Christ.

I learned from Rainier that Happier by Marshmello is a must have jam at all times. I learned from Samante that the chicken at Inasal is the best (he showed the sweetest hospitality). I learned from Alvin that Cloud 9 has THE prettiest view of the city at night. I learned from Nash that family is so important and loyalty is too. I learned from Christopher a few swear words that I shall never repeat but thanks for the education sir! I learned from Kenneth that good friends are important. I learned from Tyron that joy is what gets him through every day. I learned from Michael that our boys have a tough time breaking zone defence (joke lang kinda). I learned from Joshua that hard work is valuable. This is only just a few of the dudes I learned from. I learned that serving others in genuine love is the way to go and I learned that building intentional relationships is the coolest thing. I learned that I have more brother in Christ than I thought!

So to my Zurrender boys, I can’t wait to hug each of you again and catch up. Keep working hard whether you’re studying or working long hours. I am proud of each of you and God delights in you all immensely. I’m stoked your team name is Zurrender because it’s just cool you know…like how we surrender ourselves to Christ each and every morning, just pretty rad. Keep working on the lay ups and maybe one day one of you can beat me in pick up! Anyways you guys are the best. Can’t wait to see you soon.

Until next time,


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