In a society where the desire to be in a relationship with a significant other is so heavily pressed upon us, I’m lavishing in this season of singleness. It’s true, Papa Jesus has intentionally ordained this season for me. A season of deep community where I’m learning to love and learning how I can best receive love from others. I understand I do have a desire for my own family, a desire for a husband. Yet it’s something I know the Lord will sweetly give in His timing. I am being called deeper and deeper into the continual pursuit of Jesus. I am understanding He truly is my everything. My best friend and my lover.

Humans thrive on connection with one another. We were made to be in relationship. We were made to love one another. You can do the smallest thing for someone and have the biggest heart behind it. That’s where love rises. That’s where you can look into the eyes of another and pray to see them the way Jesus sees them. When I think of how I receive love I realize it comes in all shapes and forms. Yet most importantly I receive it best when I feel seen, when I feel known.

I’m falling in love with Love. With coming to the realization that Jesus knows every little piece of my life, every detail of my being. He sees me and he makes me feel known. He designed me intricately. He speaks to me in a way that is so unique. We have our own love language, Him and I.

I once felt insecure in my skin, ashamed of my past, and didn’t see myself as whole. I now dance in the freedom as a daughter of Christ. He gives me strength. He teaches me to love wholeheartedly. He delights in my laughter. He chose the color of my eyes. He intricately designed the palms of my hands. He formed me into a beautiful woman. One who understands her worth doesn’t come from others but is actually called worthy by the King. The one who calls me beloved, washes me clean, and holds me close. I am dancing in freedom like never before.

He shows me patience, and He is kind. He is never boasting and never insisting on His own way. He gives me room to fail so He can show me His never ending grace. He lets my mistakes be used to help me bloom, for He uses all things for His glory. He never resents me, or regrets creating me. He never pushes me aside instead He draws me closer and closer. He doesn’t count my sin or hold it against me, He rejoices in washing me clean. He rejoices in calling me His beloved. He is steadfast in all His ways. [1 Corinthians 13:4-7]

He is the only One worth a continual pursuit. He gives me brothers and sisters to love too. He places me in community to teach me to love like He does. He leads by example and I follow. Love can be messy, raw, and authentic. It lets others make mistakes and shows grace anyways. It doesn’t keep score of wrong doings. It never keeps records or debt. Love freely gives and never expects anything in return. Love meets people right where they are. He comes off His high throne and meets me in the middle of my mess, my brokenness, my hurt. He cups my face, looks into my eyes and says, “I died on the cross and bore all your affliction. I suffered so that you may have life and life abundantly. Shame can not hold you for my love has covered everything. It has washed you clean. You are mine forever child.” Jesus loves me extravagantly. He does it for all His children.

I pray you can experience His love in a new way this season. In a way that is sacred between you & Him. In a way that brings refreshment to your bones and satisfies the deepest parts of your soul. I pray you challenge yourself to love like He does. To be bold with it and run with it. To love the lost, the broken, the hurting. To love every single person you encounter. To love extravagantly.

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