preaching, worshiping, & climbing coconut trees

[ For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer. 1 Timothy 4:4-5 ]

As each day arises, I wake with a grateful heart for Papa Jesus. He has continued to fill me with joy unlike any other. Following Him has been the greatest adventure, and He is continuously opening doors for new opportunities. I’m learning more and more of what it looks like to do life with an obedient heart and a yes in my spirit at all times.

This past weekend my team and I were offered an opportunity to journey to another island and join a local church for their feeding program and Sunday service. Leading up to this weekend there was a conflict on how we were going to get there, where we’d stay, and a whole mess of finances. We had a yes in our spirit to serve for this church but it seemed there were so many obstacles in our way. As we pushed past these obstacles we produced endurance from the Lord. Just because the Lord wants you to do something doesn’t guarantee there won’t be hardships that come along with the task. You can choose into seeking the good in all things. 

I’m learning in action that the testing of my faith will only bear fruit of steadfastness; if I choose into it. Goodness will come when I choose to seek joy and choose to seek my Father despite the hardship. So that’s what my sisters and I did. We chose to see past all the things that were going wrong and chose to stand firm that the Lord wanted us to journey to this other island so we could partner with a local church.

As we decided on this act of obedience, unity rose and the enemy fled in Jesus name. The Lord covered us in protection and provided a way in all things for us to stay the weekend on a different island. Praise! He not only provided physically for us but also spoke into our hearts greatly. Seeing all the things He was doing within this church blew me away. He is constantly working, constantly performing miracles, and constantly being a good Father.

As we poured out to serve others, He faithfully poured His love into us. He gave us rest, joy, and sweet breakthrough! We were able to feed the children of a local community, and really rally around this local church in support. Our team was asked to lead different studies on Sunday morning for kids, young adults, and adults. When preparing for this I felt an impulse to immediately sign up for the children’s lesson as teaching children here has been one of my favorite things. After a quick chat with the Lord He actually told me to play a role in leading the adults. Nerve wracking? A little. Peace over it? Absolutely.

Ya’ll! I got to stand before this church with four other sisters who are full of wisdom and love. Together we preached of His goodness and testified of His power! Our heart behind the message was to empower them as a church to choose into community and to believe in the power of prayer. We opened up a space for them to come to one of us and receive prayer. As I prayed over many people my heart was flooded with compassion. To join my brothers and sisters in crying out to Papa Jesus was such a sweet and tender moment for me. Not only did I get to preach but I also led worship with some sisters in front of the church as well. So out of my comfort zone but exactly what I needed. I danced in joy, and sang of His promises. This church was absolutely rad. I will continue to pray for their growth and for continued protection over everything.

The day prior was filled with sweetness of spontaneous adventure. I climbed a coconut tree but this goodness doesn’t stop there. I actually cut down a coconut! My heart was overflowing with joy. Then I was so excited I slid down the tree…pretty fast, and ended up with burns on my arms and legs. They’re pretty painful, but healing! No regrets. I also got to hike with my sisters and some sweet friends from the church. We hiked all the way to a waterfall where we swam in the cool water and rejoiced in His continuous goodness.

When I said yes to following Jesus, I said yes to keeping an obedient and willing heart all the days of my life. I could sing of His sweetness forever. I’m never surprised He is good, but always blown away in how He chooses to show me.

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