a nation


A nation where kids roam free

Tattered clothes

Bare feet


Joyful giggles

Dancing wildly 

I wonder if they know they are loved



By a Father who welcomes them kindly


Dusty streets

Scattered trash

Boisterous jeepnees 

Markets of fish

Sweet fruit

Vibrant trees

Vast ocean 

Skies so blue

It’s Heavenly 

Not always understanding the things I see

But I see smiles around

The eyes I meet

They flicker with love

Jesus is here

His beauty seeps through

In everything


And it’s time for you to see


In dark places hope always wins

Death has been defeated

For eternity 

This place we call home

Is just temporary

For we have a King

Who never neglects

Always protects

Love His children well

Pursues us endlessly 


For materials mean nothing

A life of possessions is a life I don’t want

So strip me of things that hinder my heart

From seeing His kingdom here on this earth 


Trusting a Savior

Who calls you His own

You will become one

With the most precious Son

Surrender your life

He gives you a home


The Philippines

A nation of poverty is what they say

But I see families awaiting the day

Where they no longer beg on the streets

And instead

Have a feast at the table to eat

A table with a Father who has given them a seat 

He’s beckoning us closer

For He makes us complete

We don’t lose hope 

His love is too sweet

Physical circumstances aren’t everything

So I’ll remind you there’s more

Than what meets the eye

For the things seen

Are temporary 

But the things unseen

Are for eternity

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