it’s time!

Wow! Long time no see friends! It is so good to be writing here again. I hope our time apart the Lord has spoken fresh + exciting things into your heart. I pray He has given you eyes to see and ears to hear all that His glory is and will be. I bet you’re wondering what has prompted this entry and man I just can’t wait to share this with you all. 

I’m headed back to the sweetest land…back to the Philippines I go! It has been a beautiful growing season for me over the past two years. My roots have been planted even deeper than I thought possible and I feel at peace with this next step. I have been fervently praying about when to go back but as you know with this whole pandemic thing has been a wee bump in the road. Well, the Philippines has reopened for travel and this girl has her passport in hand + ready to go! 

Just last week I had the most wonderful opportunity to take a peek into the heart of Wipe Every Tear; a nonprofit who provides a way out of the sex trade for women in the Philippines. I traveled to Boise, Idaho to serve alongside some of their lovely staff. Did you know the Philippines is quite the hot spot for human trafficking? Many are tricked into this way of life and then trapped without a way out. Through Wipe Every Tear these women are given a safe place to lay their head, meals daily, education and most importantly an environment to seek Jesus alongside other followers. What they are doing is powerful work and I am so honored to have met some dear friends in Christ who have a heart for this nation just as I. 

This April I plan on heading back to Kids International Ministries where I first discovered my passion for the Philippines. During this time I hope to reconnect with many friends who quickly became family + find ways to simply serve where He asks. I also am hoping to be apart of what Wipe Every Tear is doing in the Philippines as well. A lot of logistics are still working themselves out but I am so filled with joy to let you all in on this exciting time! 

A very sweet sister who I came to know just over a week ago has boldly stepped out in faith and provided the purchase of my flight. I am at such a loss of words for how intentional the Lord is. He knows your heart so deeply, friends…never stop dreaming with Him. I’m excited to share updates here with you all and just continue to be vulnerable with how His grace continues to reach into the depths of my being daily. 

I’m SO looking forward to speaking with some of you more in person about this. If you’d like to chat via zoom or phone call please reach out. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to say this but I’m aiming to raise some financial support. Mainly for lodging but also to find ways to bless those around me in the Filipino community with kingdom money. If you find this opportunity to give pulling on your heart you can message me directly and I will inform you of ways you can partner with me in this extravagant adventure. 

As always, blessings upon blessings!


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